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John Anderson
War: World War II
Branch: United States Navy
Highest Rank: MM 3rd CL
Birth Year: May 26, 1923
Place of Birth: Catch All, Tenn.

John Anderson was born in the small town of Catch All, Tenn. on May 26, 1923. After graduating from high school he joined the Navy on August 11, 1941 since he could see that war was coming. Enlistments were six years at that time. John was always interested in airplanes. He trained in Norfolk, Great Lakes, and River Rouge, where he met his wife.

John was trained as a machinist. He was shipped to Guam and later to Guadalcanal. He serviced fighters that were stationed on Guadalcanal. Since it was not completely secured, servicemen were continually finding and killing japanese soldiers. John said that they were continually bombed by Jananese airplanes, mostly at night. John did not receive any wounds but did have malaria three times.

John was discharged in 1947, and returned to Tennessee. He took a job as a watch repairer, and eventually had his own business. He would repair watches for jewelers in the area. He retired in 1988.

John was very proud of the fact that he built his house in Tennessee, a three bedroom house. When he fell down the stairs last year, his family got him to move to Michigan. His four children live in Michigan. They were concerned that his Tennessee home was nearly half hour from the hospital. Here in Michigan he has bee and continues to be treated by the Veterans Administration Hospital. He and his wife live in American House in Ypsilanti.

John was especially proud of his Tennessee ancestors who, during the Civil War, helpd a severely injured soldier from the North. When other Northern soldiers were in the area looking for food, this recovering soldier told them to not bother this family since they had saved his life.