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Mary Bailey
War: Vietnam
Branch: United States Army
Birth Year: 1942
Place of Birth: Texas
Mary Bailey was born in a small town in Texas, population 5,000, on November 23, 1942. The family moved to Virginia when her father took a position with the Federal Government. Mary attended a Catholic nursing school in Virginia on a scholarship. She knew she wanted a BS degree and enrolled in Georgetown. Because funds where limited she joined the Army Reserves, which financed her education. She met her future husband, but since she had a service obligation, they delayed their marriage plans.

Soon after graduating, Mary entered active duty. Her orientation to Active duty was at Fort Sam Huston in Texas. Mary went to Vietnam and served in the Army hospital in Saigon, in ICU. Since her original training was in Dialysis, she was placed in the Dialysis unit for her last six months.

Mary married Al Bailey in December of 1968. They settled in Bethesda, where she received her Masters Degree. Since Al took a position at Madonna University in Michigan, Mary applied and was accepted at the University of Michigan School of Nursing.

Mary taught at the School of Nursing and took advanced studies at the University. Al received a Fulbright Scholarship to study in China for two years.

While at the University of Michigan, Mary was asked to join the Naval Reserves, which she did. Before retiring, Mary had 23 total years of service, obtaining the rank of Lt. Commander.

Mary related a situation while in Vietnam. A Catholic Orphanage was bombed. Her unit took care of the severely wounded children, many of whom had life threatening injuries.

Mary and her husband Al are both retired living in the University Commons in Ann Arbor, MI.