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John E. Branstetter
War: Vietnam
Branch: United States Army
Birth Year: July 11, 1946
Place of Birth: Mexico, Missouri
Discharged: April 15, 1972

John Branstetter was born in Mexico, Missouri on July 11, 1946. The family eventually moved to Jefferson City, Missouri. John completed his secondary education in Jefferson City. He entered Lincoln University where he completed his B.A Degree, majoring in History and minored in Military Science.

He was commissioned a Second Lieutenant. John was interested in the military and admitted that the $50 per month was a big incentive. He was a Distinguished Military Student. When he went on Active duty he selected the Infantry, Rangers and Airborne. John was good with language so he reverted to his French to help him communicate with villagers. John and his group lived among the villagers helping them to upgrade their skills.

After leaving the Army John attended the University of Missouri receiving a Master's Degree in Public Health. An opportunity arose in Michigan with the American Cancer Society. That is where he met his wife who at the time was in P.R with a local TV station. They have been married for 35 years and have two children. John continues to be active with Veterans and is a member of the Veterans Council in Ann Arbor.