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William Campbell
War: World War II
Branch: Canadian Navy
Unit: Chaudiere
Highest Rank: Able Seaman
Birth Year: March 1, 1922
Place of Birth: Winnipeg, Manitoba


William Campbell was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba on March 3, 1922. His father was a decorated Veteran from WWI. Prior to his enlistment, Bill rode motorcycles for a living. He tried to enlist in the US Navy, but found out he could not since he since he was still a Canadian citizen, however, he could be drafted. Since he was still had Canadian citizenship, he enlisted in the Canadian Navy.

After basic training, Bill was given intensive training in gunnery. He did not realize that a German U-Boat had the ship that was carrying him to England in it's sights. He learned that later while watching 60 Minutes. Fortunately the ship was able to maneuver out of the torpedoes path.

Bill recalled an experience when a German U-Boat surrendered to his destroyer. The crew of the sub reported that they only had three days of air. The commander refused to surrender. The crew killed the commander and surrendered.

His ship, the Chaudiere, was shelled heavily on D-Day. Bill recalled many of the experiences aboard the destroyer. He saved the life of a Sub-Lieutenant who was scheduled to be thrown overboard by the crew because they were upset with him. Bill got the crew drunk on rum.

After retiring from Burroughs, Bill bought a ranch in Colorado where he raised quarter horses. Bill has two daughters. He and his family now live in Belleville, Michigan. Although he had his military career in the Canadian Navy, he is a good example of all Veterans who served their country.