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Charles Cares
War: World War II
Branch: United States Navy
Unit: AKA6 (Alchiba), AKA92 (Whitley)
Highest Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Birth Year: October 29, 1918
Place of Birth: Cleveland, Ohio
Theater: South Pacific


When he found out that there was a good chance he was going to be drafted into the Army, Chuck decided that he would rather enlist in the Navy, and did so in 1941 and went into officer’s training. After his training in Chicago, Illinois his orders were to report to Charleston, South Carolina on the AKA6 U.S.S. Alchiba which was a cargo ship.

While on the Alchiba he traveled with cargo to Bora Bora, Chile, New Zealand, Fiji, and finally ended up at the invasion of Guadal Canal. After the invasion his ship made many trips to Guadal Canal with cargo. During this time the Alchiba was torpedoed twice, so after repairs returned back to the states.

Chuck then got orders for new construction on the U.S.S. Whitley AKA92, also a cargo ship. On the Whitley Chuck was at Iwo Jima and Bougainville. The ship headed back to the states due to a cracked stern and was in Hawaii when the war ended.

After the war Chuck remained in the Navy and went on to the Philippines and Japan. It was at this time that he became Lieutenant Commander. After the service he met his wife and came to Michigan State University to get a degree in landscape architecture. He went on to get his masters from Harvard, and then taught at both Cornell for ten years and Michigan for twenty-seven.