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Benjamin Clark, Jr.
War: World War II
Branch: Army Air Force
Unit: 303rd Battalion, 306th Squardron
Highest Rank: Technical Seargeant
Birth Year: November 11, 1919
Place of Birth: Fogo, Newfoundland


Benjamin Clark was born on November 11, 1919 in Fogo, Newfoundland. He enlisted in the Army Air Force following high school. After basic and advanced training, he was assigned to the 306th Squadron "Hells Angels." He was a waist gunner on a B-17. After six missions, his plane was shot down and he became a POW. Of the ten crew members, only seven survived. After his capture by the Germans, he was taken to a Stalag 17-B where he spent more than two years. Since there were spies in the camps, he was especially careful to whom he spoke.

After two years in camp, all prisoners were forced to walk 800 miles to the front lines. They were trying to avoid the Russians. General Patton rescued the prisoners and informed them that "...you guys are back in the U. S. Army."

Mr. Clark was discharged on September 27, 1945 and returned to Dearborn, Michigan.