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Joseph G. Elbert
War: World War II
Branch: United States Army
Unit: 351st Infantry Regiment
Theater: European Highest Rank: Private First Class


Joseph Elbert was drafted into the United States Army in 1944. He had completed high school and one year of college when he left college to help in the war effort. He went to basic training at Camp Wheeler, Ga, where he was awarded a medal for excellent marksmanship using an M-1. After completing eight weeks of basic training, he was shipped out to Europe by boat, bound for the Mediterranean region. The boat left Newport News, VA, escorted by destroyers and air support to that protected them part way across the Atlantid Ocean.

The troops reached Naples, Italy, where they joined up with forces already moving northward up the peninsula. Joseph was wounded on a routine errand by shrapnel from German shelling, earning him a purple heart. He was sent to recuperate for a month and a half nearby, and after that time, rejoined his unit and eventually ended up back at For McPhearson, GA, in 1946.