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Helen Fidler
War: World War II
Plant: Willow Run Bomber Plant
Job: Riviter
Date of Birth: February 9, 1921


Helen is the wife of veteran John Fidler. She was born on February 9, 1921.

While her husband was serving in the Air Force, she and her sister got jobs working on the B-24s at the Willow Run Bomber Plant. They became riviters, attaching the gas tanks to the inside of the wings. One riviter would put in the rivet with a metal gun and a riviter on the other side flattened it with a bucking bar. One time, one of the the rivets put a hole in her thumb.

They were paid in cash with lots of two dollar bills. She wanted to work for the country and really enjoyed it.

Later in Norfolk, Virginia, she worked at a PX and had two German prisoners of war working for her. She said they worked really hard and were glad to be in the U.S. instead of a POW camp.