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Horace Frazier
War: Vietnam
Branch: United States Army
Birth Year: August 12, 1948
Place of Birth: Ypsilanti, Michigan
Citations: National Defense; Vietnam Service; Outstanding Service Award
Discharged: January 20, 1971

Horace Frazier was born in Ypsilanti, Michigan on August 12, 1948. His father was a preacher. His parents had 10 children. Although he was living in California, he returned to Ypsilanti after completing high school and he took a job at Ford Motor Company. He intended to go to college but was drafted. His basic and specialized training was in artillery.

Horace was sent to Vietnam. He served in many towns and regions in Vietnam. He recalls that he was in a jeep accident, and was hospitalized for some time. When he was discharged, he was transferred to another Battery. After one of the enemy attacks, he returned to his original barracks to find that a motar shell had landed on his bunk and destroyed everything he had, including his guitar.

Horace returned to Ypsilanti after his discharge. He had several jobs and finally retired from being a school bus driver.

Horace still lives in Ypsilanti and is active in the Vietnam Veterans, Post 310.