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Ellis Freatman
War: World War II
Branch: United States Infantry
Theater: Okinawa
Highest Rank: 1st Lt.
Birth Year: June 9, 1924
Place of Birth: Detroit, Michigan

Ellis Freatman grew up in Plymouth and Ypsilanti, Michigan. He graduated from Ypsilanti High School, and was drafted into the Army. He entered the service with his long time friend L.D. Harman. They separated when L.D. went to the Air Force and Ellis to the Army. Ellis took his basic training in Maxey, Texas. He was selected for O.C.S. at Camp Maxey. He received high grades and became a 2nd Lt. at the age of 20.

Ellis's assignments included different training units. He was sent to Okinawa and was used often as a replacement officer. Ellis led a platoon but because of his age and lack of experience he relied a great deal on his sergeant. Although the island was not fully secured, Ellis did not receive any injuries. He was discharged after serving three years plus, and returned to Ypsilanti, Michigan.

Upon discharge, Ellis entered Eastern Michigan University where he met his wife, and after receiving his degree he was accepted to the University of Michigan Law School. After 20 years of highly successful practice, Ellis retired. His one son is also a successful lawyer.