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Robert Gould
Branch: U.S. Army
Unit: First Infantry Division 101st Airborne
Highest Rank: E4
Date of Birth: November 13, 1942
Place of Birth: Detroit, Michigan


Robert Gould was born in Detroit, Michigan on November 13, 1942. His father was of Polish descent and worked as a share-cropper in upstate New York. The farm owner was named Gould and Bob and his brother became known as the Gould boys. His father changed the family name to Gould. Bob's mother was of Ukranian Descent.

Two weeks after finishing high school, Bob and a friend joined the Army. At the time enlistees could join for two years, but draftees had to serve three years.

After basic training, Bob was assigned to the First Infantry Division. When given the opportunity he volunteered for the 101st Airborne Division. His 1st Infantry group was sent to Germany and Bob was transferred to Fort Benning, Georgia for jump training. He qualified for jump status and was assigned as a Medic. Medics served in the clinics and hospitals.

All 101st Division personnel were required to maintain their "Jump Status," which meant that Bob had to jump periodically. When he was discharged he returned to Detroit and went to school for six years on the GI Bill.