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Phillip Hayner
War: World War II
Branch: United States Navy
Unit of Service: 11 Beach Battalion
Theater of Service: Europe and Okinawa
Birth Year: March 19, 1922
Place of Birth: Ypsilanti, Michigan

Phillip Hayner was born in Ypsilanti, Michigan. He joined the Navy directly after Pearl Harbor. Although he was mildly colorblind, he was assigned to the Signal Corps. Somehow he missed the eye exam at Boot Camp. After Boot training at Great Lakes Naval Station, he was assigned to the Signal Corps, and briefly to the Navy Choir Company 385.

From Great Lakes he was transferred to Norfolk where he was assigned to the Aquatania which eventually landed in Glasgow, Scotland. On the third wave at Normandy, Phillip was aboard the LCVP that carried 15 men. His Unit was responsible for setting up a Command Post. Most of the action was north of his position. There were times when the German planes unloaded their left over bombs on his Unit.

After more than three months on Normandy, his Unit returned to England and was assigned to the Empress of Australia, which carried 2,000 German POW's to New York. From there they were sent to Camp Pendleton, California where they trained in landing their craft. From there they were sent to Hawaii and then on to Okinawa where their Unit was responsible for taking fresh troops to Okinawa and returning troops to the Philippines for R & R.

Phillip was married while on leave. Upon discharge he and his wife returned to Michigan. He and his wife had three children all doing well in their chosen fields. Phillip is a retired tool and die maker and now lives in Manchester, Michigan.