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William Henderson
War: Vietnam
Branch: United States Marine Corps
Birth Year: January 8, 1943
Place of Birth: Ann Arbor, MI
Citations: Distinguished Flying Cross (2), Vietnam Service Medal, Vietnam Cross of Gallantry and eight Air Medals.

William Henderson was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan on January 18, 1943. He grew up in Ann Arbor and completed his high school education there. After graduation he enrolled at Eastern Michigan University. While there he completed his basic training requirements over two summers and was commissioned a 2nd lt.

William received his advanced training, including flight school, at several different training centers. His was eventually deployed to Vietnam where he completed 125 missions in troop support and bombing raids.

Upon his discharge, he was employed at General Motors as their pilot eventually becoming GM's chief pilot. During this time, William transferred to the Air Force Reserve out of Selfridge Air National Guard Base in Michigan.

William retired after more than 30 years at GM, and from the Air Force as a Major General. During his service career he received the following awards: Distinguished Flying Cross (2), Vietnam Service Medal, Vietnam Cross of Gallantry, Air Medals (8)