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Lawrence Wylie Hill
War: Vietnam
Branch: U.S. Navy
Unit: Naval Air Station - Newfoundland & Iceland
Highest Rank: Lt. (Navy)
D.O.B. June 30, 1939
Citations: National Defense, Navy Scuba Diver, Explosive Ordinance Disposal Tech


Lawrence Hill was greatly influenced by his father and stepfather who both served in World War II when he was a child. He grew up hearing adventurous and frightening stories about jungle fighting in the Pacific Theatre from his stepfather. While in high school he attempted to join the marines, but he was too young. During college, he became a "Weekend Warrior," attending boot camp over school breaks and volunteering one weekend per month in the Navy.

After graduating from college he attended Officers Candidate School in Newport, RI, because he felt it was an interesting challenge. Lawrence interviewed and eventually began training to be a diver for the Navy. He trained as a diver in Key West, FL, and went on to technical training in Washington D.C. where he studied explosives and bomb disposal.

After training he was assigned to a base with nuclear facilities in Newfoundland where he served as Assistant Weapons Officer. This assignment was a "round-the-clock" position involving monitoring weapons and receiving supplies. He also served as morale officer and base beautification officer (because he had a degree in Landscape Architecture). After his active duty in Newfoundland and Iceland, he moved to a base in Washington D.C. evaluating candidates for Officer recruiting until 1968.