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Edward Huse
War: World War II
Branch: United States Navy
Highest Rank: LT. (Navy)
Birth Year: May 19, 1921
Place of Birth: Detroit, MI


Ed Huse enlisted in the Navy Air Corp at the age of 22, after his third year in college. He took his basic training in California, and his pilot training in Arizona. He took to flying immediately. He enjoyed it and commented "I did it very well!"

As soon as he learned to land on carriers, he was assigned to the Monterey. He saw action in Saipan, Tinian and the Philippines. Huse flew a Grummand Hellcat.

Ed described a situation where he could not get both landing gears down. He was directed to land on an island. He still could not release his gear and landed with some difficulty. Although Ed did not receive any individual medals he did receive a number of Battle Stars.

After being discharged, he went into advertising and promotion, at whioch he felt he would be good, and he was. He completed his BA in eight years going part time to Wayne State University. He had three children, losing his son who was also a Navy man. He was mugged and had $1,500 stolen. Ed divorced his first wife after 28 years. His second wife is now also at Gilbert Residence in Ypsilanti, Michigan.