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Harry Francis Kaczorowski
War: World War II
Branch: United States Army
Unit: 34th Division, 168th Regiment, 2nd Battalion
Highest Rank: P.F.C.
Birth Year: September 28, 1918
Place of Birth: Gary, Indiana


When Harry Kaczorowski was interviewed he was 88 years old, a veteran of World War II and a POW. Although his memory was a little sketchy his daughter Toni Oliveri was able to supplement his memory.

Harry was captured shortly after landing in North Africa. He spent 27 months in various prison camps. His memory focused on working on farms and he said he had enough food throughout his interment. Toni reminded him that while being interrogated, the Germans broke his collar bone and arm. As the war was winding down, the Germans continually moved prisoners, by foot, over a "600 mile death march." It was so cold that prisoners would wake up each other every 10 minutes or they would freeze to death.

Prior to being taken prisoner, Harry was on guard duty at the Allied Headquarters in Algiers. He irritated one general because he would not allow him to pass since he did not recognize him. That general was General George Patton.