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Marvin Karsten
War: World War II
Branch: United States Army
Unit: Quartermaster Corp
Highest Rank: Staff Sergeant
Birth Year: August 5, 1925
Place of Birth: Rogers City, Michigan


Marvin was drafted before he finished high school. After completing basic training in Illinois and Wyoming he was sent to England. He was transported on a converted liner. Some 8,000 GIs were on this ship. They were staked five high in bunks. Marvin was in the middle bunk. He stated that it was an experience with so many sick soldiers and being in the middle bunk.

In England, he was assigned to waterproofing supplies that were headed for Omaha Beach. Marvin remained in England until VE Day. While in England, he was involved in guarding Polish prisoners of war, most of who had been forced into service in the German Army.

Eventually, Marvin was part of the Occupation Army in Germany. He was fortunate to get a pass to the Palace of Justice and witnessed Herman Gering's trial.

After leaving the service, he returned to Rogers City where he began his career as a seaman on the Great Lakes, eventually working himself up to Master Captain. He retired after 32 years of sailing.