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Martin Kornbluth
War: World War II
Branch: United States Marine Corps
Unit: 1st Anti-Aircraft Group
Theater: South Pacific
Highest Rank: Corporal
Birth Year: June 11, 1925
Place of Birth: New York (Long Island), New York


Martin was born on Long Island, New York on June 11, 1925. He did not like High School so he quit and joined the Marines on March 17, 1943. Being only 17 his mother signed for him. After boot camp at Paris Island, Martin was assigned to an Anti-Aircraft Group and sent to the South Pacific. He was on several islands but participated in only two battles, Saipan and Okinawa.

At the time of his discharge from the Marines, Martin was undecided about a career so after nearly one year, he entered Long Island University. Eventually he transferred to the University of Missouri where he received his Masters and Doctorate Degrees in English Literature. He taught in Missouri, Texas Tech, Idaho, Marrouth (N.J.) Michigan State, and finally Easter Michigan University where he retired from after 26 years of service.

Martin is married to his second wife of 49 years. He had four children in his two marriages. His only citations while in service were two Battle Stars and the Victory Medal. He never received his Good Conduct Medal because he spent five days in the brigg for being AWOL. Martin now lives in Ypsilanti, Michigan.