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Richard L. Levenick
War: World War II
Branch: United States Air Corp
Unit: 18th Bomb Squadron, 34th Bomb Group
Highest Rank: Tech Sergeant
Birth Year: January 28, 1922
Place of Birth: Madison, Wisconsin


Richard Levenick spoke of his early memories of high school in 1939 when WWII started. He was living in Michigan at the time going to high school. He started studying chemical engineering in college in Wisconsin when he enlisted in the Army. He was tested while in the Army and was selected for a top secret program developing "auto Pilot" systems for the Army Air Corp. His training was done in the middle of the night in a classroom. They were not allowed to take any materials to or from the training areas, and they had to memorize everything.

Dick talked about shipping out to sea to England with the 18th Bomber Squadron of the 34th Bombing Corp. He was stationed in the countryside in England just north of London. He was tasked with checking the auto pilot systems before and after the bombers undertood bombing missions over Germany.

Dick said he recalled seeing thousands of planes flying overhead on the day that D-Day began. He recalls the bombers would return and then leave many times during the initial invasion and throughout the next few days. He also remembers when the Battle of the Bulge began and also remembers V-Day quite vividly.

Dick recalled that after the 100th bombing mission the group was allowed to throw a party. He talked about how wars will always exist unless humans can "evolve" past conflict to settle disputes.