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Victor Lindberg
War: Germany
Branch: 8th Air Force - 385 Bomber Group
Birth Year: December 16, 1925
Place of Birth: Little River, Kansas
Citations: Good Conduct, Air Medal (2), European Theater Medal & Victor Medal

Victor Lindberg was born in Little River, Kansas on December 16, 1925. After completing high school, he enlisted in the Army because he wanted to choose his duty area.

He tried to get into Pilot Training, but because he had trouble pronouncing “R’s” he did not complete training. He tried to become a Navigator but again did not complete the training.

Victor ended up training as a Tail Gunner for a B-17. After training, he was sent to England and assigned to the 385th Bomber Group. Victor eventually flew 19 missions, most of which he described as uneventful.

He did mention the 3rd mission which was over the area that was producing synthetic oil and gas. Because of several errors on the part of the Division leader, they came onto the target in the wrong direction and as a result were subject to flack from 509 guns. During that mission, the 8th Air Force lost 8 of the 56 planes.

After Victor returned to the States, he was sent to radio operator school. He was preparing for the invasion of Japan when the dropping of the A-Bomb ended the War.

After Victor’s discharge form the service he eventually went to work at Ford Motor Company where he specialized to lighting. Victor is married and has two grown children. Although he now lives in the Chelsea Retirement Community in January 2016 he and his wife will be moving to a retirement community Plymouth MI. to be closer to his son.