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David Ervin Lynn
War: Vietnam
Branch: United States Navy
Unit: USS Saratoga
Highest Rank: ABH3 - E-4
Birth Year: February 16, 1948
Place of Birth: Springfield, Ohio

David Ervin Lynn was born in Springfield, Ohio, on February 16, 1948. The family moved to Michigan when David was three. He completed his schooling in Michigan, including graduating from Washtenaw Community College with a concentration in engineering.

David enlisted in the U.S. Navy in July of 1969. Because he had already been to college, he was the oldest recruit in his class. After some specialty training he was asssigned to the Carrier U.S. Saratoga. He visited many countries, including Spain, Portugal, Italy, and many others, before going to the China Sea where his job was to maintain the jets that were bombing North Vietnam. His ship was usually well out to sea, but occasionally they moved in to where he could see land. He described that as a tense time. "If we could see them, they could see us."

Upon being discharged from the Navy, he took an engineering job at Honeywell. When Honeywell downsized and moved south, David took a job with a local aircraft company.

David now lives in Ypsilanti, Michigan with his second wife.