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Arthur Mangual
War: Korea
Branch: U.S. Marines
Highest Rank: Corporal
Birth Year: November 5, 1932
Place of Birth: Lawrence, Kansas
Citations/Medals: Battle Star, Combat Ribbon

Arthur Mangual was born in Lawrence, Kansas, and grew up in Brooklyn, New York. He did all of his schooling prior to his service in Brooklyn. Four days after graduating from high school he joined the United States Marines.

Boot camp was a shock for him. He was not accustomed to the physical and mental demands of boot training. From Paris Island, Arthur was sent to Camp Pendleton, and from there to Korea.

Arthur was trained as a rifleman and had marksmanship status. His unit's first combat assignment was to circle around the rear of the enemy (the Chinese at the time) but it was cancelled. Arthur gravitated ot kitchen work and eventually became a chief cook.

When he was discharged, Arthur continued his education in the culinary field. He held many important food positions, all over the country. He and his wife had four children, all of whom are in the food service business in various communities. Arthur and his wife of 58 years live in Ann Arbor, Michigan.