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Jack D. Minzey
War: Korean
Branch: United States Army
Unit: Headquarters Signal Battalion, 8047th Army Unit, 8th Army (APO 503)
Highest Rank: Corporal
Birth Year: October 6, 1928
Place of Birth: Flint, Michigan
Decorations/Citations: Korean War Medal, Sharp Shooter, Good Conduct, Army of Occupation, Battalion Honor Guard, and Soldier of the Month


While in college at Eastern Michigan University Jack joined the Naval Air Reserve. He received a notice from the Ypsilanti Draft Board in August 1951 and volunteered the for a two-year term in the U.S. Army. Jack was inducted into the army at Fort Custer in Kalamazoo, Michigan. After basic training, Jack received his military occupational specialty as a cryptographer. After going through cryptography school, he was kept on as an instructor for awhile.

Then Jack received his Far Eastern Command and traveled to Camp Stockton, California where he boarded a troop ship for a 17-day trip to Camp Drake, Japan. He was assigned to the battalion headquarters in Yokohama, Japan. While in Japan Jack was on the Honor Guard, charge of quarters, and played on both the company and battalion basketball teams.

Jack returned to teaching in Michigan after his tour of duty was completed. He obtained his masters from the University of Michigan and his doctoral degree from Michigan State University. Later on in his career he went on to work for Michigan State University, the Michigan Department of Education, and finally Eastern Michigan University where he retired in 1992.