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Charles A. Reeber
War: World War II
Branch: United States Army
Unit: 106th Infantry, 423 Regiment, 1st Battery, Company C
Highest Rank: Corporal
Birth Year: June 26, 1925
Place of Birth: Detroit, Michigan


Charles Reeber was drafted immediately after high school graduation after turning 18. Although he was registered for the college program, he was rejected because of his eyesight.

He was assigned to a mortar squad and carried the base plate. He was put on the line in Belgium. Things were quiet until the Germans attacked on December 16. His platoon leader was killed and things were disorganized. His group was captured and after marching for several days they were put on trains. Eighty prisoners were stuffed into each train car and since there were no markings on the trains, Allied planes strafed them, killing several prisoners.

They were without food for several days. Charles became sick but his friends saved his life by giving him soup. Prisoners were stacked on shelves, 50 to a building. While marching to different camps, the saw stripped prisoners, Jews. One ran to them asking for help. The Brits gave him an extra uniform and he continued on with them.

On April 19, 1945 the Brits liberated his camp. He was asked if he was "tortured, what was it like?" No, however they didn't feed us for several weeks. After being liberated he was returned home in April of 1945 and discharged in November of 1945. He went to work at Ford where he retired after 35 years. He and his wife wer married for 55 years (in 2005).