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John Sherzer
War: World War II the Korean War
Branch: United States Army
Birth Year: October 14, 1926
Place of Birth: Ann Arbor, Michigan

John Sherzer was born on October 14, 1926, in Ann Arbor, Michigan. At an early age, his parents sent him to a military school, Saint Thomas Military Academy, in Minnesota.

John also attended the University of Michigan and upon graduation, received his Commission as a 2nd Lt. Although he had served in WWll, he entered Active Duty during the Korean War.

He first served as a Platoon Leader, and then as a Tank Commander. John reported that most of his action involved the Chinese. During the interview, he shared the flyers that were sent to the enemy. He doesn’t recall any enemy accepting the terms on the flyer, but he did remember one of the enemy soldier who surrendered to his group.

John married Kathleen Mc Loughlin in 1953 and together they had seven children. Kathleen died several years ago. John has eight great grandchildren.

John was very active in his community. He owned and operated a local business until he retired. In the past few years he has lived in the Glacier Hills Retirement Community. Three weeks after his video interview, John died of an infection.

While in service, John received the following awards: Korean War Service; Combat Inf. Badge; National Defense Service; United Nations Award; WWll Victory Medal, European/Africa/Eastern Campaign; Good Conduct Medal; WWll Occupation; Purple Heart.