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Robert Wirtz
Branch: United States Air Force
Birth Year: March 11, 1932
Place of Birth: Detroit, Michigan

Robert Wirtz was born in Detroit, Michigan on March 11, 1932. He was raised in Detroit and completed his schooling in Detroit. In spite of spending two years in the Naval Reserves, Bob joined the Air Force. He took his basic and specialty training In Texas. Although he trained as a mechanic, since there was a greater need for electricians, he found himself operating as an electrician.

Although he trained on the west coast, which normally meant Korea, he was sent to France on a Carrier transporting two squadrons of F 86ís, for eventual deployment to Germany.

Bob described his duty in Germany as very pleasant. The natives treated them well and he had a Class A pass. He even bought an MG and was able to transport it back home.

Eventually he sold the MG and bought property and built a house in which he and his wife and daughter still live. Bob worked at Chrysler for 32 years mostly at the Proving Grounds in Chelsea. Although briefly laid off from Chrysler in 1978, when he returned he transferred from testing cars to testing trucks.

Bob and his wife have been married for 60 years. They have one daughter (who is in an emergency management company) and one son (a plumber in upper Michigan). Bob is proud that even at his age, he is still capable of taking care of his house and property.