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Clifford Woodside
War: World War II, 1943-1946
Branch: U.S. Navy
Unit: Cruiser USS Portland - LT CR. USS Yokes
Highest Rank: Gunners Mate 1ST Class
D.O.B. January 22, 1923
Place of Birth: Fort Wayne, Indiana
Citations/Medals: Served at Midway,
Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands, Aleutian Islands


Clifford Woodside was born in Maston, PA. on January 22, 1923. Before completing high school, he enlisted in the Navy. This was immediately following Pearl Harbor. He was 17 at the time.

Since he had been in the Sea Scouts, he was immediately assigned to training for gunnery. Clifford was eventually assigned to the USS Portland, and later to the USS Yokes.

Clifford saw combat at Midway, Guadalcanal, the Solomon Islands, and the Aleutian Islands. At one time he was at sea for 110 straight days.

Although he enlisted for eight years, he did not make the Navy a career. He had married by that time and elected discharge in 1947.

Clifford and his wife returned to Ypsilanti, Michigan and he eventually went to work as a salesman for a local Ford dealer.

Clifford and his wife lived on Ford Lake until he could no longer live independently. He and his wife now live in an assisted living facility in Ypsilanti, Michigan.